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see also: http://www.nliteos.com/guide/index.html

1. downloaded the appropriate updates
2. added them all in the Hotfixes window
3. clicked on "build date" to choose the order

4. In Components, I put back smartcards,
   because iTunes won't launch without it

5. Recovery Console - in the Unattended - General page,
   the Unattended Mode, set to 'Prompt repair'.
   Necessary to install with BootCamp (see notes on mac)

I clicked yes on all "keep the newer file" and yes to "use regular 
integration method" when direct integration not supported.



this time (4th time today) I tried only the Critical Updates, and
I ditched the two that were for IE7 (which I don't want)

remarkably, I only got ONE alert "use regular integration method"
when I finalized.

IT WORKED, no more endless rebooting, and all but a couple of the
hot fixes I got using Windows Updates Downloader were slipstreamed
in there.

It probably doesn't make any difference, but in Nero I always choose:

- Finalize CD
- Write method: Disc-at-once

older notes

.net framework 2.0/dotnetfx.exe not expected type of hotfix
KB931374 direct integration not supported
keyboard shortcut additions.exe

iTunes won't launch
can't set wallpaper from properties
can't burn a CD
iMac won't shut down all the way
no debug console on windows install disk
Task Manager is weird
db Error in Outlook
power management broken on iMac
need font for NoteTab Pro
start menu, want network connections as connect to menu
0 programs in start menu (is recent only)
do not show IE and Outlook on start menu
need to put back restore console & itunes

put back components:

Applications:	NT Backup
Hardware Spprt:	AGP filters
		ALI 1535 SMBus Host Controller
		ALI IDE Controller
		ATM Support
		Bluetooth Support
		CMD PCI IDE Controller
		CPU Transmeta Crusoe
		-logical disk manager
		Multi-Processor Support
		USB Audio Support
		USB Video Capture Devices
		VIA PCI IDE Controller
Multimedia:	Windows Media Player 6.4
OS Options:	File System Encryption
		-Group Policy Managment Console
		-MS XML 2.0
Services:	-Application Layer Gateway
		-Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)
		-DHCP client
		-Distributed Link Tracking Client
		-Event Log
		IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service
		Message Queuing (MSMQ)
		-network provisioning
		Performance Logs and Alerts
		-Quality of Service (QoS)
		-System Monitor
		-TCP/IP NetBios Helper
		-Wireless Configuration

Tweaks, General
		Disable Accessibility keyboard shortcuts
		My Computer: remove manager & search
		Performance, unchecked Minimal Power Management
		checked privacy  clear pagefile at shutdown
		checked privacy  disable MRU list
		checked start menu  network connections  menu
		checked Visual Effects  Gradient Captions in Windows (enable)
			no idea what this is

services not on beast:
	Automatic Updates
	BITS (needed for windows update)
-	COM+
-	DHCP client
-	Event Log
	Human Interface Device Access (not found)
	IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service
-	Logical Disk Manager
	NetBios over TCPIP (not found)
	Network Connections
	Print Spooler
-	NetBios Helper
-	WebClient
-	Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
-	Window Image Aquisition

investigate active window tracking