nLite and Boot Camp

In order to install XP on a Mac running Leopard, you must access to the Recovery Console before installing XP.

Without the fix (described further down), Windows will crash during startup with an invalid hal.dll error.

In the Unattended > General > Unattended Mode, select 'Prompt repair'

Here is how to use the Recovery Console to fix your Windows XP installation using Boot Camp:

1. use Boot Camp to partition the drive

2. reboot the computer from the Windows XP install CD

3. while the Windows XP CD is loading, press r at the first setup screen to start the Recovery Console

4. when you're at the command prompt type this:

format C: /Q /FS: NTFS

5. after it is done formating the drive, type exit to reboot the computer.

6. Restarting using the Windows XP CD, when the "drive" screen comes up hit the down arrow to choose drive C.

7. Hit enter or return. DO NOT reformat the drive.

8. Install Windows XP.

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