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* Reg2Inf "Tweaks.REG"|@"List.txt" ("Tweaks.INF"]|[/linesonly]) [/repVars] [/UseStrings] [/forecascii] [/longflags] - List file should contain paths to REG files to merge and convert. - /RepVars: Look for some values (eg: "C:\Program Files") and replace with equivalent INF-specific variables (eg: %16422%). (EXPERIMENTAL) - /linesonly: Output INF format registry lines without writing a generic INF. - /UseStrings: Generate [Strings] section and use INF variables in subkeys. - /forceascii: Saves the output INF in ANSI system codepage instead of Unicode - /longflags: Makes the output INF use fully qualified hexadecimal flags, to be compatible with Windows setup textmode parser. 1. put everything in c: [windows]-R for run, then c:\Reg2Inf.exe singleclickshell.reg "singleclickshell.inf"