(starts with "-" means it was black, otherwise red)

+ Applications
	- Calculator
	- Paint
+ Drivers
	- Ethernet (LAN)
	- IBM PS/2 TrackPoint
	- Logitech WingMan
	- Microsoft SideWinder
	- Serial Pen Tablet
	- Sound Controllers
+ Hardware Support
	AGP filters
	ALI 1535 SMBus Host Controller
	ALI IDE Controller
	CMD PCI IDE Controller
	CPU Intel
	CPU Transmeta Crusoe
	Floppy Support
	- Gravis Digital GamePort
	Intel PCI IDE Controller
	- Iomega Zip drive
	Joystick Support
	Microsoft Color Management (ICM)
	Modem Support
	Multi-Processor Support
	Ports (COM and LPT)
	- Ramdisk
	Toshiba PCI IDE Controller
	USB Audio support
	USB Ethernet
	USB Video Capture devices
	VIA PCI IDE Controller
	- Windows CE USB Host
+ Keyboards
	(all were there)
+ Languages
	Western Europe and United States
		English (United Kingdom)
+ Multimedia
	- Acm Core Codecs
	OpenGL Support
	Windows Media Player 6.4
	Windows Picture and Fax Viewer
+ Network
	- Comtrol Test Terminal Program
	Dial-up and VPN support
	- H323 MSP
	Map Network Drives/Network Places Wizard
	MSMail and Mapi
	Network Setup Wizard
	Share Creation Wizard
+ Operating System Options
	16-bit support
	Auditing Resource Dlls
	- Blaster/Nachi removal tool
	Certificate Management
	- Disk Cleanup
	Extensible Storage Engine (Esent97)
	- File System Encryption
	File System Filter Manager
	Format drive support
	Group Policy Management Console
	Help Engine
	- IExpress Wizard
	Internet Explorer Core
	- Local Security Settings
	Logon Notifications
	- MS XML 2.0
	- Shell Media Handler
	- User account pictures
	Visual Basic 5 runtime
	Visual Basic 6 runtime
	Visual Basic Scripting support
	- Zip folders
+ Services
	- DNS Client
	Event Log
	Internet Authentification (IAS)
	Kerberos Key Distribution Center
	Net Logon
	Network Provisioning
	Performance Logs and Alerts
	Protected Storage
	- Route Listening Service
	- RPC Locator
	- Secondary Logon
	Shell Services
	- Simple TCP/IP Services
	System Event Notification (SENS)
	Task Scheduler
	- Uninterruptible Power Supply
	- Universal Plug and Play Device Host
	Windows Management Instrumentation
	- Windows Time
	Wireless Configuration

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