- Hotfixes

Added Windows Installer 3.1, so hopefully Office will install correctly (in the correct order by build date)

[update] Caused immediate program error when I started to finalize.

added my registry tweaks in zip file

- Components:

Kept  Network > Network Setup Wizard, in the hope that DHCP would work correctly.

Kept Auditing Resource Dlls, which was kept in TinyXP Beast, may be important.

Put back  Operating System Options > Disk Cleanup, was in Beast, might be useful

Deleted  Operating System Options > Out of Box Experience (OOBE)

Put back  Services > DHCP Client because I need DHCP

Put back  Services > Event Log, because it's necessary for other services

Removed  Services > Internet Authentification (IAS)

Put back  Services > System Event Notification (SENS), because I want my tray icon to be correct

Put back  Services > Task Scheduler because I want to use prefetch

Put back  Services > Wireless Configuration because it's in Beast and I think I'll need it

Printer Support needs Microsoft Color Management
Printer Support needs SNMP

System Event Notification (SENS) needs COM+
COM+ needs Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC)
COM+ needs System Monitor

- Unattended

Was not necessary to check "Skip OOBE" because I had deleted it from components.

Display set to 1024x768, because I know it will work

- Options General
	changed WINDOWS to Windoze, just for kicks

- Tweaks, Services
	put all services back to default
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