+ Boot and Shutdown x Auto-End tasks immediately x Auto-Kill hung applications immediately x Auto-Kill hung services immediately x Ctrl-Alt-Del at logon-Disabled Disable automatic restart on System Failure Disable logging on System Failure Disable saving Last Good state at boot x Do not Parse Autoexec.bat x Logon Page-Classic x Numlock-Off x Show Administrator on the Welcome Screen x Status Messages-Extended + Desktop Desktop icons size x Internet Explorer icon-Hide x My Computer icon-Hide x My Documents icon-Hide x My Network Places icon-Hide x Recycle Bin icon-Show Show Windows version on Desktop x Wrap icon titles-Disable + Explorer Add (un)register libraries in Context Menu Add 'Command Prompt' to folder context menu Advanced Search: preconfigure options Associate additional file types with Notepad x Change Windows Explorer folder view-Details x Classic Control Panel x Disable Autorun x Disable Beep on errors x Disable Prefix: Shortcut to Disable shortcut arrow x Disable Web Files and Folders connection Disable Windows keys x Display the contents of system folders x Launch folder windows in a seperate process Preset Places Bar to x Recycle Bin: allow to rename and delete Recycle Bin: delete files directly Remove Back Button Remove Send To on context menu Restore previous folder windows at logon Show Drive Letters in front of Drive Names x Show extensions of known file-types Show hidden files and folders Show Map Network Drives buttons in Explorer bar Show protected operating system files x Show Statusbar in all windows x Show the full path in the Address Bar x Show the full path in the Title Bar x Use small icons in Explorer bar + Internet Explorer Disable Download Complete notification x Disable Go Button Disable information bar when popup is blocked Disable Internet Explorer link createion x Disable Market Place bookmark x Disable Media Player 6.4 created bookmarks x Disable Outlook Express link creation Disable Password-Caching x Disable sound when popup is blocked Enable Google URL-Search x Keep IE URL-History for-0 Days x Set Homepage-about:blank x Set IE-Cache limit to-8 MB x Set Internet Explorer to accept 10 connects at a time Set popup-blocker to high + My Computer Add Administrative Tools Add Control Panel Add Control Panel to Context Menu x Add Device Manager to Context Menu Add Event Viewer to Context Menu Add Folder Optionos Add Fonts Folder Add My Network Places Add Network Connections Add Printers and Faxes Add Recycle Bin Add Registry Editor to Context Menu Add Services to Context Menu Add Taskbar Settings x Remove Manage from Context Menu x Remove Search from Context Menu x Remove Shared Documents + Network Allow Network Logins without passwords x Disable administrative shares x Disable automatic search for network folders and printers Disable DCOM protocol bindings Disable DNS failure cache Disable extra SMB notify-change traffic Disable LAN-Manager from caching passwords x Disable LM HOSTS lookup Disable Microsoft-DS (close port 445 TCP/UDP) x Disable restoring mapped network drives on logon Disable Simple File Sharing Hide PC in Workgroups/Domains Remove remote-computer NameSpace x Set TCP/IP Priority to 1 + Performance x Disable custom EXE icons Disable Info Tips on Files and Folders x Disable Last accessed Timestamp on files x Disable Optimize harddisk when idle Disable paging of kernel and core-os x Disable Tracking of Broken Shortcut Links x Disable Warn on low disk space x Disable WBEM logging x Do not cache thumbnails x Enable USB Idle Endpoint support Minimal Power Management Processor scheduling Run 16-bit Windows applications in a separate process Snap mouse-pointer to default button Use Windwos classic folders / No Tasks Sidepanel + Privacy x Clear pagefile at shutdown x Disable Driver Update Internet prompt x Disable File MRU-List x Disable Tracking of most used programs x Remove Alexa + Security Always show Updates under Software x Disable Screensaver x Disable Web Open With prompt Disable Windows Script Host (WSH) x Re-Enable user:pass URLs x Screensaver Password-Protection-Disabled + Start Menu x Add Administrative Tools menu x Clear most recently opened documents list on logoff x Control Panel-Display as a menu x Disable and remove Documents list from the Start Menu Disable Drag and Drop x Disable Highlight newly installed programs x Do not use Personalized Menus Expand Network Connections x Hide Run button x Hide Search button in Start Panel x My Computer-Display as a link x My Documents-Display as a link x My Music-Don't display this item x My Network Places-Don't display this item x My Pictures-Don't display this item x Network Connections-Display as Connect to menu x Number of programs on Start Menu: 0 x Printers and Faxes-Display as a menu Reduce popup delay Remove Logoff User Remove Pinned Apps List from Start Panel x Remove Search For People from Search x Remove Search the Internet from Search x Remove Set Program Access and Defaults Remove User name x Remove Windows Catalog shortcut x Remove Windows Update shortcut Scroll Programs Show IE Favorites x Use small icons in Start Panel + Taskbar Disable Balloon Tips x Disable Group similar Taskbar buttons Disable Hide inactive icons Hide Volume Control Icon in System Tray x Lock the Taskbar: Yes + Visual Effects Active window tracking Active window tracking speed x Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing-Disable x Combo box animation-Disable x Cursor shadow-Enable x Display mouse pointer trails-Disable x Fade out selection-Disable x Gradient captions in windows-Enable x Keyboard shortcut underline-Enable x Menu animation-Disable x Menu shadows-Disable Menu style x Show translucent selection rectangle-Disable x Show window contents while dragging-Disable x Slide taskbar buttons-Disable x Smooth edges of screen fonts-ClearType x Smooth-scroll list boxes-Disable Swap left and right mouse buttons x Tooltip animation-Disable x Use a background image for each folder type-Disable x Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop-Enable + Windows Media Player x Accept Privacy Statement Disable all streaming protocols x Disable auto-add music to library x Disable automatic codec download x Disable automatic saving of DRM-type music files x Disable license backup prompt x Disable metadata retrieval x Disable MRU x Disable scripting commands x Disable silent acqusition x Disable starting with Media Guide Do not show anchor in Designmode x Enhanced privacy settings x No visualization x Optimize fullscreen mode behavior x Remove all context menu entries Zoom video to windowsize If this was useful, or you have a question, let me know.   [ more ]