run >> services.msc disable >+ Application Layer Gateway Service >+ computer browser >+ Error Reporting Service >+ FastUserSwitchingCapability >+ Indexing Service >+ Network Location Awareness (NLA) >+ Remote Registry Service >+ Secondary Logon > Security Center > SSDP Discovery Service > System Event Notification left active for auto updates: Task Scheduler > TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Service > Terminal Services > WebClient Windows Time Wireless Zero Configuration manual Distributed Link Tracking Client Distributed Transaction Coordinator Help and Support Logical Disk Manager go to Start > Control Panel > Security Center and select the link on the left hand side labeled "Change the way Security Center alerts me." In the resulting dialog box, uncheck Firewall, Automatic Update and Virus Protection. After that step is complete, you may place the Security Center service in disabled and it will not start again or continue to be displayed in the system tray after a reboot.

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