WARNING!!!YOU HAVE A LOWID!!YOU MUST CONFIGURE YOUR FIREWALL OR YOUR NETWORK!!!LOWID CAN MAKE YOUR DOWNLOAD SLOWER!! OK VERSION FRANCAISE Many Lowid Problems are caused by a non-configured firewall.So you must know how using emule correctly with a firewall: XP FIREWALL Follow theses instructions if you have xp firewall enabled : 1. Open eMule 2. Clic on Settings> Connection 3. Note the port value (4662 by default) and the UDP port value (4672 by default) 4. Close eMule 5. With Windows XP, clic on Start , then Connections. 7. Clic on "show all connexions" 8. Right click on your internet connection and property 9. Go to advanced then settings 10. Click on add 11. Choose a name for this rule ex: "eMule : TCP Incoming". 12. Enter for the IP 13. Enter the port number (step 2) in the two port cases 14. Choose TCP, then clic OK. 15. Click on add 16. Choose a name for this rule ex: "eMule : UDPIncoming". 17. Enter for the IP 18. Enter the udp port number (step 2) in the two port cases 19. Choose UDP, then clic OK. 20.Close the property dialog and close your connexion , your are now ready to have a highID !

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