GETURL is a small but quite usefull  internet  utility.  This is a
command line that allow to retrieve a web page (or any file that's
accessible under the HTTP protocol).  You can see it as  the "poor
man's web browser" (and therefore wonder why you should use geturl
where Netscape does a far better job) but it is a bit more usefull
than that:   this is the door open to all sort of automated tasks.
It is also a convenient web developper's tool (geturl  can be used
to view  the HTTP header sent with a page , allowing  to know what
server is at the other end, for instance). Last but not least, get
url is a convenient way to send  a file to a remote .cgi using the
HTTP post protocol. HTTP features explicitly supported are GET and
POST, with or without the use of a firewall/proxy  and  ability to
use the basic authentication scheme (that is:retrieve pages locked
by a password). Near ANSI C Sources (network functions aren't part
of the ANSI standard) are provided that can both be compiled on an
UNIX platform and/or a Windows 95/NT box. To give you some idea of
the possible  applications of  geturl, here are a few things I did
where it played some usefull role. [] In an intranet where peoples
had not access to the internet, I used geturl to provide access to
some invaluable internet services such as the phone directory. The
page was fetched  from the web, adverts  where removed,  links re-
targetted or added to intranet features and the page layout redone
to look similar as internal pages.   [] while programming ReyServe
( see it in the kitchen tools page ) geturl proved invaluable both
to debug ReyServe and analyse how other web servers reacted.  [] I
also  used geturl to send  files through  a firewall that wouldn't
accept ftp sessions but only intranet http.      [download geturl]

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